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Topics/Guests for Diva Docs Talk Show

Guest artist interviews and topic discussions scheduled for radio shows, "The Melbadelphia Show" and "Diva Docs".

Music release dates for upcoming events, shows, and tracks, both for myself and all my artist friends and family.


News & information about my most recent web series ventures:

"Diva Docs TV" - a web series talk show, based off the radio show, and featuring a continued and awesome guest lineup. We filmed our first season in January 2015, and within this first year, have taken away wins at 2 major Web Series Awards festivals, Los Angeles Web Series Festival (LA Web fest) 2015, which is incidently the biggest web series festival in the world, and the up and coming Miami Web Fest 2015.

"Diva Docs (Season 1)" won "Best Talk Show" at Miami Web Fest in October 2015, and won "Best Trailer" and "Best Theme Song" at Los Angeles Web Series Festival (LA Web Fest), which took place in LA the first week of April 2015.

In August 2015, in beginning Season 2, Diva Docs were able to nab an interview with the infamous "Jerry Heller", the day before "Straight Outta Compton" was released, the biggest movie in 2015. It was an honor and so much fun to interview Jerry, and we were glad to be able to offer a glimpse into the real Jerry, very different from the character Paul Giamatti portrayed in the movie. 

Check out the 3-part Jerry Heller Interview.

Diva Docs also scored and empowering and uplifting interview with LA-based singer/actor Terron Brooks, best known for playing Eddie Kendricks in The Temptations movie. Terron's interview is peppered with life learning, and inspiration. Check it out below:


...and Check out the embedded teaser for Season 1 below, and please subscribe to the Diva Docs TV YouTube channel.



Award-winning "SINGLEDOM", a romantic comedy web series by Kyree Terrell, for which I am Executive Producer (see embedded Singledom YouTube video clip below). We won 2 of 5 nomination at Los Angeles Web Series Festival '15 (LAWeb Fest), which happened the first week of April 2015. Additionally we were nominated and named official selections for several more awards shows in the comedy category, including Miami Web Fest '14, Urban MediaMakers Film Fest '14 (UMFF), Atlanta Web Fest '14.

Please watch, support and share our YouTube video clips. The show really is hilarious and everyone who worked on it was phenomenal. Help us take it to the next level, to TV.


I have to share with you all that I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to chase the lifelong dreams I have not always been able to pursue, given the priorities and responsibilities life & family has thrown my way.

Let's break the rules this year and play by our own game, as with numbers we can change the world.

As time passes, I realize I have to be true to myself and go after those dreams with passion and resolve, so at the end of my life, I have no regrets. So here goes. Hope you enjoy the ride with me :-) Love you all!!! Muah!


In January 2014, I launched a lyric video for "Angel At My Table" on YouTube, so check it out below. 

"Angel At My Table" by Elisa O'Keefe-Smith. Writer-Chris Doheny. Music Prod.-Doug Grigsby. Video-Kyree Terrell, Focused Studios. Pics-Laura Aquino. Hair & Make-up - Maria Ramagli. Hair & Make-up-Cuz & Co. Guitar/Backing Vocals-Chris Doheny.


Here's another self-penned track "Room For Love" which I made available on YouTube.